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Planning to invest? Then take advice from personalized wealth and prosperity report Rs. Get your own Numerology report Rs. Wear the right gems to get successful in life. Gem Recommendation report Rs. Bad Times in Life? Super Horoscope reveals reasons Rs. Looking for a job change? Indian Astrology Portal. Is your name lucky according to numerology.

Name numerology for name number predictions. Numerology birth date relationship compatibility. Current year forecast by personal year calculator. Share on. Bhatt 25 Bhav Kutuhalam. Irangati Rangacharya Books by Dr. Surya Narain Rao 7 Jatak Tatva. Shashtri 15 Dev Keralam 3 Vols. Suryanarain Rao 20 Saravali: 2 Vols — R. Tables of Houses 25 K.

Alone is Correct 60 15 K. Bhaskaran 27 Astrologics of Kaalchakra — K. Horary Astrology Scientific Tables Houses 1. II 34 Astro. Khullar 49 K. Year Books.

Rao S. By Other Authors Edited by K. Kedar S. Pamela 4 Medical Astrology — S.

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Verma 15 Your Destiny in Thumb. Verma 23 Application of Yogini Dasa. Gaur 12 Sun. Rao 50 16 Bhrigu Nandi Nadib. Bhasin 65 22 Text Book of Transit of Planets. Subramaniam Iyer 18 Medical Astrology. Rao 17 Kaal Prakashika. Gaur 11 Transit.

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Some Other Books on Astrology S. Chattarjee 32 Saturn — A Friend or a Foe. Erin Sullivan 10 Profession. Chaudhary 33 The Fascinating Jupiter. Krishna Rao 3 Healing with Crystals. Cosmic Influence. Muthuswami 75 20 Astro Sutras. Grace Inglis 50 9 Saturn in Transit. Jain 45 7 Mundane Astrology.

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Jain 75 8 Retrograde Planets. Muthuswami 19 Gulika in Astrology. Krishna Kumar 5 Conjunction of Planets.

Dattatrey Dixit 55 Span of Life. Alan Leo 59 How to Judge a Nativity. Muthuswami1 46 Vedanga Jyotisham. Shukla 43 Natal Chart from the Palm. Bhatia 54 Hindu System of Prediction.

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Prash Trivedi 39 Hindu Astrology. Ramamurthi 56 Casting The Horoscope. Chillar 38 The Rahu Ketu Experience. Rao 50 44 Indian Astrology — An Appraisal. Alan Leo 90 Books by V. Kapoor 80 49 New Techniques of Prediction 3vols.

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Pravin S. Bhasin 80 48 Remedial Measures in astrology.

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Suresh Mishra 47 Art of Prediction. Jain 51 Shadbala Rahasya. Books by Bepin Behari S.

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Patel S. Chauhan 12 Palmastra. Kapil 22 Gems Therapy — M. Raphel 6 Advance Palmistry. Prem Kr. Noel Jaquin 10 Hands of Children. Spier 11 Secret Palm.