As a refresher, here are the traits of an Aries

You follow your heart when it comes to your creative endeavors, which makes your unique art form even more relatable for those who are lucky enough to witness your talents and skills. Remember to let that Aries energy within push you to keep sharing your art, as the Pisces side of you might prefer to curl up with a cup of tea and simply dream of creating. Speaking of those gut feelings, your intuition helps you with so many facets of your life that you should be extremely grateful for your cusp status. The Mars-lead Aries part of your personality only strengthens and intensifies that intuition, giving you the courage to listen to your gut feelings and let them be heard loud and clear.

Where that Aries side might overreact to certain situations, tainting natural intuition with fiery emotion, the Pisces within draws from its source of empathy and guides our intuition gently toward the truth. Your Piscean compassion blends with the strength of Aries to give you an unusually empathetic sense of confidence and of the self. The watery aspect of Pisces cools the fiery aspect of Aries and gives you a level head that will prevent many misunderstandings and conflicts.

Pisces are known dreamers, content to live in a world of their own creation - this gives them an edge over the patience not necessarily evident within the quick-to-act Aries.

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Yet, the combination of these elements gives you just the right amount of drive and determination combined with a contented patience. Let the Pisces within guide that impulsive, reactionary Aries vibe to avoid making mistakes based on intense emotions. While Aries gives you your creative drive and your fierce energy, it can bring impulsivity and impatience. Pisces provides your imagination and eccentric nature, but can also bring about a certain lack of activity, as you are comfortable spending the day in your fantasies. Aries, fortunately, brings you back down to earth and lights the fire that pushes you forward.

Let the giving energy of Pisces balance the Aries tendency toward self-centeredness. Remember to let others in without allowing them to walk all over you. Air signs, such as Gemini or Aquarius, will feed the fire within you and bring out your electric personality. Earth signs, like Virgo or Capricorn, can help ground you when you become too emotional or one-with-the-water. Learn to appreciate this fluid, changing aspect of who you are and let it work for you.

August 26 Zodiac Cusp

Read both the Pisces and Aries daily horoscopes to better understand how the traits associated with your astrological sign can impact your life every day. Combine your Pisces and Aries daily horoscopes to understand how the traits associated with your astrological sign can impact your life. To win me back! I truly felt bad for him.

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  8. Because he had no chance! I respect and love my husband so much. The life we built and the faithfulness to each other we shared! My Gemini was a cheater a charming cheater. If he ever knew me at all he would have known. Morals and faithful and true. This is what I held dear, this was what I found in my Aquarius! Desperate is not sexy! It never has been or will be! Unfaithfulness is a moral problem, one I have no desire for! Because I was attractive and smart? Love does not have a league! I was broke! I got grants for college and lived alone!

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    I was not a product of my dads money. He taught me how to make it. How to look like a millionaire with nothing. How to keep your morals high and never settle for less than the best! Because of what he taught me, maybe I was out of there league. I married a man that did not come with money.

    But together, we complimented each other. With confidence and unshakable morals-respect and love! We are still inseparable and nothing can shake it, or take it! The size of my home and the value of my car! Means nothing, love built that! Love is not a league! It is patient and kind, it is enduring and true. It is knowing, you do not have to worry about what you better half is doing. Because you know them, respect them and never have to question there loyalty.

    Aries geminis are too much alike that could be scary. Iam a Aries. Leader strong ,speak my mind, tell it how it is , I think Gemini similar. One of them in particular I have loved since I was a little girl and still love very much to this very day and I know I always will.

    Aries Taurus Cusp Woman

    I am an aries and i am looking for an aries man or aquarius man …. I am divorced already with a leo man it was terrible experiance… Trust me And write me your contact if someone is aries or aquarius. I am a Libra woman, rising and moon are both Pisces, whatever that means. The love of my life was an Aries man, for 6 years we were together.

    I left. This is pretty darn accurate. He was married one time, and she was an Aries. I think the only reason that they divorced was because she cheated on him. But they were a good match, I used to be jealous of their relationship even when I had him. Does that make sense? Born on March 26th, on the cusp? Opposites attract eh? Seeing the list is shocking. I know that in many ways we are so different. There are aspects of his life that I find intriguing. I am selfish and subjective with a lot of passion. He can also be very selfish too.

    We feel the difference in our lives but yet we are great friends and partners in business. Also, our rising signs are pisces and virgo. So those two are kind of compatible. I wish the love I have for him now is the love I had for him in the beg. Anyways I would like to know is it every man or is it just Aries men that can just turn off there feelings and there relationship as if you never existed and it never was. Because I tell you what it is a tremendous sadness and heartbreaking heartless and selfish act to just up and disappear with out even a good bye. It all Aries both man and woman when they are done with you it look like they have never seeming you before.

    But it also hard for a aries person to just get over a relationship but when they do you will never get them back or their attention. Oh well. I am an Aries woman, living with a Scorpio man… The sex is out of this world, but the rest of the relationship is complicated because we are from totally different worlds… He is extremely clingy and dependent… But listen, just keep your mind open…. I am an Aries as was my ex husband and my present.

    Aries Taurus Cusp + Aries - COMPATIBILITY

    My first husband lied, cheated and manipulated me where the one I have now is nothing like that. Because Aries can be petty, I did get even with my ex husband by having him willingly cut off all of his long dark hair that he loved so much. LoL I left him 2 days later and replaced him with one of the sweetest. We had some disagreements here and there but we got past it. Very organized and clean and I love that about him. I want to propose but I wanna know what f this a forever thing or its temporary.

    I feel like we are soulmates actually. What she says we are probably wasting our time being with each other because we are both Aries. I would like to know what people think. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What Are the Smallest Cat Breeds? Are Cats and Dogs Colour-Blind? Do Cats Dream? How Fast Can a Cat Run?

    2. Aries are very protective of family and friends

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    Traits & Characteristics for Those on the Pisces/Aries Horoscope Cusp

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    I agree was married to a Libra for 16yrs. He passed but we were nothing a like. Jasmine on September 30, at am said:. Penguin on May 2, at am said:. Thanks for giving me hope.. Bahja warsame on November 15, at am said:. Manoj on March 17, at pm said:. I am an Aries.